viflow – the software for process modeling

Interactive process documentation for living process and quality management

Process modeling

With viflow, you can visualize your company's processes and create interactive process documentation quickly and easily. In viflow, the features of a relational database and those of Microsoft Visio merge into an intelligent and comprehensive solution for lively process management.


Integrated or individual management systems

Whether individual or integrated management systems – viflow is the right tool for lean and efficient management in compliance with all requirements regarding quality, environmental protection, occupational health and safety.


Tasks and document management

With viflow DMS you succeed in the standard-compliant control of documents and information in connection with the management of your processes. You can implement process-related task management with viflow easy plan.


The easy way to certification

Are you about to be certified according to ISO 9001, 50001, 45001, IATF 16949, IRIS or another standard? With viflow, you will inspire and convince in the audit with an interactive management system that sustainably fulfills the principles of the standards and remains clear despite complex content.


Process modeling, QM systems, risk management – viflow is flexible in its use and provides you with strong support for a wide range of tasks in any industry. No matter whether you want to create an integrated management system or map your IT processes, whether you work in healthcare or in a financial institution: viflow is the software for your processes, documents and tasks.

This is why viflow is your solution for process modelling and company organisation


Intuitive user guidance through a structured and practical program interface.


viflow has been continuously developed and adapted to the needs of the users since 2000.


Publish your process graphics and information as WebModels for desktop, tablet and smartphone platforms.


More than process modelling – Addons for task management, DMS and analysis extend performance.

Low cost

Professional process management for every budget, starting at 50 €/month in annual subscription or 1,230 €/purchase license.


Extensive range of seminars and consulting and complete service centre with free technical support.

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viflow Applications – for all-round successful process management

Many useful solutions revolve around the modelling tool viflow in the viflow cosmos. With viflow applications, you create a work environment for effective and successful process management – individually tailored to your requirements.

olutions for effective and successful process management
ViCon – the process experts

Software and service directly from the manufacturer: ViCon – the process experts

ViCon is viflow. And more.

We offer our customers software and consulting for business process management from a single source. Our integrated services include viflow development, sales, and advice on technology and methodology.

Process modelling software – Made in Germany

  • The viflow process modelling tool was developed entirely in Hanover.
  • viflow has been successful on the market since 2000.
  • The program interface is available in German and five other languages.
  • Personal German-speaking contacts instead of anonymous call centres.
  • Free technical support.
  • Training and project support by process experts from ViCon GmbH.





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Why our customers love viflow:

"At our company, the entire management manual is mapped with viflow.
We chose viflow because of its usability – fast and easy creation of processes from the modeler's point of view, but also easy handling for the end user in the WebModel."

Anna Fischer,
Quality management at METZ CONNECT TECH GmbH

"Opting for viflow was the right choice. The ability to effectively implement the developed processes is decisive factor for boosting efficiency."

Andreas Hermann
Department Manager for Management Systems
Kirchdorfer Industries GmbH

"We chose viflow because it is low cost and very easy to use."

Renard Jantz
WasserZweckVerband Malchin Stavenhagen

"With viflow our quality management system is a valuable tool for clarity, reliability and higher productivity, instead of a necessary nuisance. On top of that, it is remarkably easy and intuitive to create, administer and adapt processes. Even our auditor is impressed."

Marius Schröder
SMV Sitz- & Objektmöbel GmbH

"The viflow program avoids red tape and shows the way to simplicity. That's the key to effective quality management at every workstation."

Ute Raguse 
BKF A. Fleuren GmbH

"With the viflow software and the WebModel, we are able to clearly present our processes to all employees and make all documents available in a central location."

Markus Schwegmann 
Die PVS Niedersachsen

"What makes the program truly impressive are its fast, intuitive operation and many features."

Christoph Mehrpahl
Organisational and Management Consulting

"The strong features of viflow are the clarity of process representation and the easy user interface with a short learning curve."

Dr. Annemarie Conradt-Mach
Staatliche Feintechnikschule Villingen-Schwenningen

"Why chose complexity when things can be so simple? With viflow we have found a tool that fits this principle: easy to learn, easy to use, and simply good."

Nadja Hartmann

"What we like about viflow is the clearly depicted processes, and what the users like is the ease of use."

Peter Glanzmann
Schwyzer Kantonalbank

"viflow did not only convince us with its simple functionality, but also with its simple optical display options and the possibility of international use. This was the decisive factor for the introduction of this process modeling tool. With viflow, even the visualization of complicated processes and the representation of interrelationships between several processes is possible."

Thorsten Pelzer,
Kessel AG

"Clear processes defined together. The documents are up to date. Successful application in day-to-day business. Exactly for these reasons we use viflow successfully and with great enthusiasm."

Falk von Eberstein,
TOTAL Feuerschutz GmbH

"Of course, the advantage of a process model created in viflow is that changes, e.g. in a role, are automatically adopted in all processes."

Martin Bernhardt, Commercial management and QMB,
Arnika Apotheke