Auditing and certification – no problem with viflow

You not only optimise your business processes, but also secure a competitive advantage with the certification of your management system according to ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001, IRIS or other regulations. Management systems created with viflow wow and convince the auditor and quickly lead you to the desired certificate.

Quality management with viflow

QM system according to ISO 9001 or IATF 16949

With a digital quality management system, you not only secure the certification according to DIN ISO 9001:2019 or IIATF 16949 quickly and easily, but also provide your employees with the latest information on every work step.

Set up viflow, create a QM system, publish it directly - and your employees will reliably find all information and applicable documents.

Environmental management with viflow

Environmental management system according to ISO 14001

The environmental management standards of ISO 14000 are intended to support companies in introducing efficient environmental management systems. Certification possible for the specification standard ISO 14001.

An environmental management system can be created quickly and easily with viflow. You can thus provide organisational structures with which you can align your company as part of an aggressive environmental protection strategy and ensure legal compliance in the environmental field.

Occupational health and safety with viflow

Occupational health and safety management system according to ISO 45001

viflow combines occupational health and safety information with the actual work processes in the company, so that all target groups are integrated via process-oriented information. The dynamics of occupational health and safety information and knowledge are automatically taken into account with an occupational health and safety management system created in viflow. Diverse communication options enable readers to exchange information about occupational safety and health.

Energy management with viflow

Energy management system according to ISO 50001

viflow helps you set up an ISO 50001 compliant energy management system in your company. In addition to fast documentation in accordance with the formal requirements of ISO 50001, structured optimisation of organisational and technical processes and behaviours is also possible through the use of viflow.

The processes modelled in viflow are systematically captured and enhanced with the relevant ISO 50001 principles. A later connection for the acquisition, analysis and evaluation of current, energetic consumption values is thereby individually possible.

Simple and cost-effective certification

The advantages of a management system created with viflow:

  • Little effort for changes and maintenance of the management system
  • Improved process-oriented information search
  • Referencing/linking to applicable documents (for example, work instructions, forms)
  • Low cost for distribution to employees
  • Assurance of up-to-date documents
  • Available immediately after publication
  • Readability via common Internet browsers without license costs
  • Consistent and continuous linking of the activities, information and organisational units available in the process model
  • Interactive process graphics

Easy for certification – even on a small budget.

From €45/month for an annual subscription

Your employees do not need any further (reading) licenses to view the process model.