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Compliance management

Compliance management with viflow and viflow easy plan

Many internal and external requirements must be taken into account in business activities. Non-compliance creates corresponding risks in the organisation. Compliance with these requirements, as well as risk prevention and avoidance, are part of the basic scope of management duties.

As part of corporate governance, senior management and managers at all levels have a responsibility to establish and effectively run a legally compliant organisation.

Compliance mit viflow

An effective way to fulfil this obligation is to introduce a software-based compliance management system.

The full spectrum of compliance management can be covered with viflow and viflow easy plan.

compliance management with viflow and viflow easyplan

viflow Applications for Compliance

viflow Addon – viflow DMS
viflow DMS

viflow DMS is the easy way to link process management with document management.

It enables you to manage relevant documents and data in the framework of your company organisation and in connection with your process management.


viflow Addon – viflow easy plan
viflow easy plan

Use viflow easy plan to manage your process-related tasks.

With this tool you can merge your tasks directly into the business process. The integrated fully automatic workflow with reporting and reminder functions gives you a clear overview of all tasks.