How to: Position shapes

How to: Position shapes

viflow has several tools that you can use to arrange shapes and connectors clearly and evenly. Using these functions saves a lot of time and ensures precise positioning of shapes on a graphic.

  1. Alignment options help to align shapes straight.
  2. Spacing options ensure an even distance between shapes.
  3. The dynamic grid consists of guide lines that are displayed when a shape can be aligned with another object.

1. Align shapes

  1. Select the primary shape to which the other shapes are to be aligned.
  2. Hold down [SHIFT] or [CTRL] while selecting the other shapes that you want to align with the primary shape.
  3. On the Graphic tab, in the Arrange group, click Position and select an alignment option.

Note: The primary shape is indicated by a thick frame.


2. Distribute shapes

Note: If you do not select three or more shapes, the commands for distributing shapes are not available.

  1. Select three or more shapes by holding down [SHIFT] or [CTRL] while clicking on shapes.
  2. On the Graphics tab, in the Arrange group, click PositionSpace Shapes.
  3. Select one of the following options:

Spacing options

Use the Spacing Options dialog box to specify the exact distance between the selected shapes in your viflow graphic.

In this dialog box, you can define both the horizontal and vertical spacing for shapes. However, if your shapes are all aligned on one axis, only the spacing for this axis will be applied. The spacing for the other axis is ignored.

Note: Select the Apply button to see the effect of the specified distances. Then select OK if you want to keep the distances.

You can cancel to undo the distances, or you can enter new distances in the fields and try the Apply button again.


Distribute horizontally

With the Distribute horizontally option, the borders are defined by the shapes on the far left and right of the selection.


Distribute vertically

With the Distribute vertically option, the borders are defined by the upper and lower shapes in the selection.


Further distribution options

For other distribution options, select Distribute Options.


3. Dynamic Grid

The dynamic grid is a series of alignment, spacing and resizing lines that are displayed when you move a shape close to another shape or close to the edge of a drawing sheet. The shape snaps into an aligned position along the guide lines.

You activate the Dynamic Grid function via View – Visual Aid – Dynamic Grid.