Know how: The Overview window

Know how: The Overview window

viflow has a special window that you can use to make your work in viflow faster and more transparent – the Overview window.

After clicking on the Windows button in the View menu, all windows for data entry and maintenance of the process model are displayed. Each element clicked on here is opened in a separate window in which further editing can take place.

If you need many windows for editing, it can become confusing under certain circumstances. The Overview window is recommended here.

The Overview – an important tool

The Overview window lists all objects, properties, details, types – in short: all data relating to the process model – in one window. By expanding the individual folders and using the context menu, you can edit, assign, move and delete the data and objects of the process model – just as you would in Windows Explorer.

In the Overview window, you can see the main viflow objects, among others: Process structure, Information and Areas.

Note: The Process structure, Information structure and Area structure windows are not included in the Overview window and must be selected and displayed separately if required.

Editing elements in the Overview is basically the same. However, there are special features when maintaining and displaying some elements, which you can see in the following points.


Context menu of the list elements

The context menu always contains the same elements, which can be active or inactive (gray text) depending on the selected object.

In the context menu of the main viflow objects (processes, information, areas) you will also find the options Open (Graphic) and Reports.

Editing list elements or objects

If you double-click on an element (object or folder), its properties are displayed in the properties window. Depending on the type of object, you can enter, change or delete various properties here, such as Name, Remark or Shape Text.


Note: Double-clicking on a viflow main object with a graphic opens the graphic view.


Renaming elements

The process model name used in the overview can be changed as required. The name can also be changed without the properties window. Click on the list element twice in succession (slowly, do not double-click) or select Rename from the context menu.

All other objects in the Overview window can be renamed in the same way.



Adding an element

Right-click on a folder and select the New entry. For some object types, you can also create new folders in the list, into which other elements can then be inserted.

Delete an element

Right-click on the object and select Delete.

Note: Only the contents of the folders at the top level can be deleted, not the folders themselves.


Process Explorer in the Overview

Under Processes, you will see a special Explorer view in the Overview window; in addition to the processes, the following additional information is displayed here.

Local data of objects that are only used and apply in this graphic are shown in gray.

In der Grafik verwendete Information mit lokalen Daten

Information used in the graphic with local data
Zugeordnete Beteiligte Assigned participants
In der Grafik verwendeter Prozess mit lokalen Daten Process used in the graphic with local data
Zugeordnete Kennzahl Assigned key figure
Zugeordnete Informationen Assigned information objects

Zugeordnetes Potenzial

Assigned potential