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Information management

Information management with viflow

Information is available within companies at various places, via various media and on various subjects. Many users therefore find it difficult to acquire all relevant information for a particular task quickly, effectively and appropriately for the process concerned.

With viflow you can set up an optimal, process-oriented information structure and link important information (instructions, forms, auxiliary files, etc.) directly to the corresponding work processes.

Informationsmanagement mit viflow

The following tasks in an information management system can be implemented with viflow:

  • Determination of information needs: Identify and detail all information necessary for optimal task fulfilment (activities, regulations and guidelines, fundamentals, etc.). This requires specification of the information content, the form of presentation, the time of need and the context. You can also analyse the available external information sources.
  • Modelling of information sources: modelling all internal databases and information sources is easy, fast and process-oriented with viflow. External information sources can also be integrated. These steps result from the definition of an information need.
  • Provision of necessary information: Access to internal and external information sources is ensured in both technical and legal terms. The information is also suitably prepared (physically and logically). Then you allocate the information to your business processes and organisational units or areas in viflow and regulate it by means of suitable modelling guidelines.
  • Organisation of information supply: Next the responsibility for maintaining databases can be defined. Information usage is governed by a uniform, current and process-oriented information structure in the viflow WebModel.

viflow Applications for optimal information management

viflow Addon – viflow DMS
viflow DMS

viflow DMS is the easy way to link process management with document management.

It enables you to manage relevant documents and data in the framework of your company organisation and in connection with your process management.


viflow Adapter – Scoreboard
viflow Adapter scoreboard

Professional process monitoring can be achieved by integrating viflow as a process modelling system with Scoreboard as a KPI and cockpit system. This allows process-specific metrics to be retrieved directly from the process model.