The viflow Maintenance Package

This is your full-coverage maintenance package for viflow.
It includes free upgrades, extended support and technical support to ensure you top-notch viflow service.

Best service with the viflow maintenance package

2 years

for 35% of the licence fee


  • For all viflow licences registered to your customer number
  • Coverage for 2 years after date of purchase


Maintenance Package customers have access to the following for the duration of the Maintenance Package:

Free delivery (by download) of software updates (bug fixes and any new functionality) for the currently installed viflow version.

Technical support (e.g. for errors or functions that do not work as expected) by telephone or email during the support hours of ViCon.

2nd-Level-Support from the development team per by telephone or email during ViCon support hours.

Free delivery (by download) of software upgrades to new viflow program versions.*

Professional support (related to modeling, solutions to particular requirements and best-practice suggestions) by telephone or email during the support hours of ViCon. Professional support is limited to 15 minutes per instance/call and does not replace training or consulting.

*New versions of third-party software (MS Visio, MS SQL Server, MS Access, etc.) may be required for the operation of new viflow versions. The third-party software is not included as part of the viflow Program Upgrade, and any necessary third-party software must be obtained from the respective vendor.

Your benefits

  • Always up to date
    You always work with the latest version of our software products.
  • Full support
    You have access to the full spectrum of our comprehensive support services.
  • No contractual obligation
    The Maintenance Package agreement expires automatically after two years. You do not have any long-term obligation and do not have to worry about cancellation dates.
  • Two-year term
    Enjoy full viflow service for two years and benefit from cost savings, because upgrades to subsequent viflow versions are free during the Maintenance Package term.


You can sign up for the Maintenance Package when you buy your licence or up to four weeks afterwards.

The Maintenance Package fee is always based on all viflow licences registered to the customer (i.e. to the customer's account number). It is not possible to sign up for the Maintenance Package for only some of the licences. The fee is calculated based on the current list prices of the registered licences.

The services of the Maintenance Package are available for two years after the date of purchase, rounded to the end of the month of purchase. If additional licences or updates to higher-level editions are acquired during this two-year period, the Maintenance Package fee for these licences and/or updates will be adjusted for the remaining term of the original Maintenance Package (rounded to full months) and billed with the license fee. (Maintenance Package customers receive upgrades to new program versions free of charge.)

The Maintenance Package does not constitute a contract, and the services terminate automatically on the date stated on the invoice. When you purchase the Maintenance Package you receive a licence sheet as proof of eligibility for maintenance services.

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