The migration to viflow 8 from viflow 5 or earlier

viflow 8 is a completely new development. The transfer of process models to the new format is no longer a conversion, but a migration. The migration is very complex and cannot be performed by you without our support.


Have workload for migration estimated

Depending on the scope and degree of individualization of your viflow model, the amount of work required for migration may vary. We will be happy to estimate this for you. To do this, we need detailed information about your process model.

You should be aware of these changes in viflow 8, as they may result in rework or additional requirements:

  • SPM (Shared Process Modeling) is no longer available in this form in viflow 8. If you want to work on the process model with several people at the same time in the future, you will need a Microsoft SQL Server on which the process model is stored as a database.
  • Graphic template and shapes are now no longer externally linked data, but are integrated into the process model in viflow 8. If necessary, these must be imported into the process model after the technical migration.
  • Short and long names of processes are swapped during migration.
  • Area objects that were used, for example, as modelers, releasers, reviewers or responsible persons are now managed under "Users" and created accordingly during migration. This can lead to duplications in the new process model.
  • Potentials and measures are now also globally available and part of the process model. In addition, they have the properties "Name" and "Remark".