What's new in viflow 7

We have completely revised viflow and made a new layout – more modern, more practical and better. You have more options and have more flexibility in the design of the user interface, the WebModel or the reporting. Use Visio in 64-bit or save your process model as a database on a Microsoft SQL Server with significantly increased performance.

viflow 7 offers you many new possibilities – from beginners to professionals.

The new functions

The new program interface

The new program interface from viflow 7 is individually adaptable to your needs.

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Improved structuring options

With viflow 7, you can bring your own order into your process model in addition to the classic tree structure.

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New objects and object functions

viflow 7 offers you the new "User" object and opens up many new object functions, such as modelling organisation charts with area shapes.

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Working together with the new viflow Team Modelling

The option of the new viflow Team Modelling based on SQL enables you to work with several users in one process model at the same time.

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The new WebModel

The new WebModel in viflow 7 is very flexible to create and has eight different layouts. In addition, reports can now be called up directly from the WebModel.

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Work faster with multiple languages

Translating and modelling in different languages in viflow 7 has become easier and faster. The texts can be maintained directly in viflow or in an Excel spreadsheet.

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Simplified graphic and format templates

With the new graphic and format templates, you can give your graphics and shapes their own look, depending on the type of object.

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New reports in a new appearance

The layout of the reports in viflow 7 has been revised and, with three additional reports, you have an even better overview of your process model.

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The new properties window

Detailing multiple objects in a row by hand is even faster in the new properties window in viflow 7. Flexible and versatilely configurable, it is always visible at your side.

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Migrating is easier with the improved import function

As with a migration where you ask yourself what is still needed (and what can be removed), you can use the new import function to make a very individual and detailed selection of objects.

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