This is viflow 8

Extensive authorization management, a completely redesigned WebModel – this is new in viflow 8. With the Active Directory connection, the options for customizing the WebModel and many new functions, we give you tools with which you can control user rights and thus provide your information in a targeted manner. This provides an overview and acceptance!



The new functions

Extensive authorization management

With viflow 8, for the first time you can create permissions for modeling and viewing your process model via an Active Directory connection. Control who can import, modify or even delete objects and define which users can see which content. Your team can focus on the relevant areas when modeling and your colleagues in the organization only get the information they really need.


The new WebModel

We have completely redesigned the viflow 8 WebModel. For example, you can choose a color during export to increase the identification with your company. The new customizable cockpit view gives you a good overview of all important objects and developments and with the new full text search and new filters the results can be narrowed down even further. If required, the WebModel can now be individualized and objects in the WebModel can be blocked or made accessible to certain users by assigning rights.


Release of information and area graphics

The new release workflow in viflow 8 now also supports you in checking and releasing area and information graphics. In the event of status changes, automated e-mails with the release report containing the area or information graphic and a detailed object description are sent to reviewers and approvers.


viflow cloud – hosting for your WebModel

You don't want to or can't set up a web server to display the viflow WebModel? No problem – with our new service viflow cloud we provide you with webspace and the services necessary for the use of your WebModel on our server.

viflow cloud



What to consider when switching to viflow 8





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