Revised history

| Version: 36.5.4600

Historization has been fundamentally revised and is now more intuitive to use and transparent – even in the WebModel view. The new manual historization has become even more flexible, allowing you to decide for yourself whether, when and which changes should be documented.

The changes in detail:

  • Automatic historization is also activated when the release workflow is activated
  • The structure of the history window has been revised
  • The handling of manual historization has been revised (description in the online help)
  • The display of changed properties in the history view has been expanded
  • The selection of history entries filters for changes to associated objects only
  • Historization only includes processes, information and areas
  • Historization has been made adjustable with regard to the presence of object graphics
  • The history settings in the options dialog have been revised
  • Objects with graphics are displayed accordingly in the history display
  • The history display has been made available in the Start tab and moved to the window selection in the View tab
  • The history display in the WebModel has been revised

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