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What's new in viflow 6

With viflow 6 you get more than just a new design – you also get significantly more performance. Along with new functions, such as Smart Shapes, a wizard for creating new process graphics, the process release workflow and a wizard for importing process graphics from Visio, the WebModel is now personalisable and runs on all commonly used browsers.

But that’s not all...


viflow 6 - more functions

Wizards and application aids
  • Wizard for generating new process graphics
  • Wizard for importing process graphics from MS Visio
  • Shape converter for converting MS Visio Shapes into viflow objects
  • Wizard for migrating interaction graphics
  • Wizard for the upgrade to the new viflow 6 shape layout
  • Multiple selection possible for deleting unused objects
  • Process graphics can be deleted with all lower-level objects
  • Process graphic template can also be applied to individual process graphics
  • History of recently opened process graphics
  • More export options: Excel, in graphic, or XML formats
  • Hyperlink checking for information objects directly in process graphic
Separation of process model options and program options
  • Selection of last used template or stencil
  • Open password changed to write-protect password
  • Standard values directly configurable in lists
  • Definable favourites for recently opened process models
Integrated external connector functionality
  • External connector functionality available directly in information object properties window (without separate graphic)
  • Wizard for converting existing external connector overviews
Extensive functions for process management
  • Extended process release workflow
  • Optional standard-compliant history logging (mandatory change logging, automatic version number incrementing)

viflow 6 - more flexibility

  • Symbols for entered object data can be shown in shapes
  • More glue points on process shape
  • Object tabs can be shown or hidden
  • Shape layout switching by mouse click
  • Alignment using dynamic grid possible
  • Grouping of shapes possible
WebModels can be displayed on commonly used browsers and on mobile devices
  • WebModels can now be viewed on all commonly used browsers, including Android and iOS devices
  • Ability to personalize WebModel with My Processes, My Information Objects and My Areas
Improved handling in multi-user environment (SPM)
  • For import into the master, only new and updated processes are shown and highlighted
  • Better support for the entire client import procedure
Expanded import functions
  • Translation support
  • Automatic language selection
  • Comparison of indicators and user fields
  • Higher performance
  • Improved graphic zoom

viflow 6 - more performance

Faster modelling

through better usability

Faster application of process graphic template

to existing process graphics

Faster WebModel creation
  • Export times accelerated by a significant reduction in the number of created files
  • File handling optimised for multiple languages
Faster reporting

through new report generation technology

viflow 6 - more details

Comprehensive global and local allocation of details to viflow objects possible
  • As many tab contents as desired can be allocated to processes, information objects and areas as global data (for every instance) or local data (only for the current instance)
  • An information manager can now be assigned to areas as well
As many indicators, critical points, user fields and measures as desired,

with support for both global and local assignment of indicators

New fields for compliance with standardised requirements
  • Validity dates for processes
  • Non-modifiable system fields for creator, creation date, revisor and revision date
  • New fields for modeller and process owner
  • Multiple allocations possible for information object transmission forms
  • Use types can be allocated to information objects
  • Any desired number of user fields for all objects, with field type definition (text, list, etc.)
  • Any desired number of measures can be defined for a critical point
  • Any desired number of indicators and indicator types can be defined for all objects, with “higher is better” attribute
  • Actual indicator values can be maintained on objects
  • Separate hyperlink field available for each indicator
  • RPN values can be specified for risk assessments
History for all viflow objects
  • History function expanded to include all viflow objects
  • Relevant changes can also be displayed in the viflow WebModel

viflow 6 - more design

Optimised user interface with ribbons
  • Still only one shared menu for viflow and Visio functions
  • Support for user-defined rapid access functions
  • Backstage area similar to Office products
New design for shapes and graphic templates
  • Optimisation and refresh of all viflow shapes (layout, colour, text size, etc.)
  • Wizard for converting existing process graphics to the new layout
  • Process graphic template header and footer optimised
  • Footer for graphic objects changed to creator, checker and approver
  • Smart function for showing or hiding footer content
New design and new functions for WebModel
  • New WebWizard for WebModel creation
  • Completely new WebModel design and functions
  • Expanded process navigation with process structure path data
  • Improved search results ordered by hit relevance
  • Enhanced zoom function with mouse wheel and gestures
  • Integrated feedback capability for interaction
  • Support for user-defined hyperlinks
  • Direct printing (high resolution) from browser
  • Touch interface support
  • Object properties window opens as a pop-up window; process graphic remains visible
Support for extensive WebModel customisation
  • The entire WebModel design can be modified using CSS

viflow 6 - more reporting

Integrated reporting
  • Reporting fully integrated in viflow (not a separate app)
  • Reporting directly accessible from objects
  • Support for report generation using XSL transformations
  • Microsoft Access no longer necessary
Optimised handling
  • Reports open directly in the browser
  • Further processing or use in Office products (Word, Excel) possible
Configurable reports
  • Checkbox enabling/disabling of report/field content
  • Individual report variants can be created and used
  • Non-database content can be edited and saved directly
Process description with graphic

The process description now optionally includes the output with high-resolution process graphic