Introducing: Gunnar Hainke is an employee in the sales department

The entire ViCon team is highly motivated and committed to viflow and the concerns of those interested in viflow on a daily basis. In our series "Introducing you", we regularly tell you more about the people at ViCon.

Today we introduce you to our sales employee Gunnar Hainke:

Gunnar has been part of the ViCon team since 2018. He previously worked in quality assurance and also as a quality manager in plant and valve construction. When he joined our company, Gunnar already had plenty of viflow experience under his belt: as part of his work as a QM, he had already introduced viflow in two companies.

"In my time before ViCon, I already had many points of contact with viflow. In particular, I was involved in setting up and developing management systems and thus increasing acceptance for the topic of QM in the company.

At ViCon, I support existing customers in terms of sales, but also with one or two technical questions.

As part of the acquisition process, I present our software to interested parties and provide them with all the information they need to make a decision.

And if the demand for our training courses is very high, I also step in as a trainer for viflow Basic training courses."

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