Introducing: Hendrik Saba is a graphic designer at ViCon

The entire ViCon team is highly motivated and committed to viflow and the concerns of those interested in viflow on a daily basis. In our series "Introducing you", we regularly tell you more about the people at ViCon.

Today we introduce you to our graphic designer Hendrik Saba:

Even before completing his bachelor's degree in communication design, Hendrik was involved in several projects in advertising, cultural and educational communication. He joined the ViCon marketing team in March 2017.

"My tasks as a graphic designer at ViCon include the maintenance and further development of our communication channels, software interfaces and corporate design. I am also involved in the preparation and publication of our offer and service communication. Furthermore, I like to support our customers in the graphic implementation of their process landscapes.

Whether it's a printed matter, video, website, newsletter or social media post: To ensure that the daily work of the ViCon team reaches our customers and the ViCon partner companies, it is my job to put the information provided into a meaningful context and into the right form before it is published.

This often results in new requirements for our communication channels. For example, where can automation create added value for users and where does technology get in the way of human communication? To ensure that changes do not miss their target, I am constantly coordinating with my colleagues who are in close contact with interested parties and viflow users.

It is also one of my tasks to help design the user interfaces of our software solutions. The challenge here is to reconcile the needs of the users with the technical requirements – together with product management and development.

Customer inquiries are a welcome change from the viflow blue and ViCon green. It is often a matter of designing process model start pages, process maps, location overviews, etc. in a graphically appealing, user-friendly and corporate design-compliant manner in close cooperation with those responsible and implementing them in viflow."

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