New viflow easy plan version

How do you manage the numerous tasks within your company-wide process management? With intelligent task management, you maintain an overview and ensure adherence to deadlines. Our addon viflow easy plan is the ideal combination of central task management with process documentation. With viflow easy plan, tasks can also be managed for arbitrarily defined projects or as part of audit management for the implementation of the continuous improvement process.  

A new version of viflow easy plan is now available. And we have implemented numerous innovations for you - but have a look for yourself:  


These are the highlights of the new viflow easy plan:

  • Improved usability and performance
  • Optimized user interface for more space and overview
  • A cockpit for an overview of tasks, audits and projects
  • Adjusted report layout for improved readability and less paper consumption
  • One calendar overview each for task, audit and project management for a better overview of upcoming deadlines
  • Changing the status of tasks in a special overview
  • Automatic review and approval workflow can be started directly from viflow


Numerous other improvements:

  • Verbesserte Anmeldung
  • Improved login
  • More additional fields
  • Stand-in function
  • Automatic task activation
  • Copy, cut and paste of multiple nodes and tasks
  • Deletion of entire structures
  • Predefined task statuses



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