Review: Online event with MAN Energy Solutions SE Augsburg

This year everything was different – even our popular event series viflow im dialog could not take place.

Therefore, we are pleased that we were able to organize the online event

"Licht ins Dunkel – effektives Prozessmanagement bei der MAN Energy Solutions SE"

together with MAN Energy Solutions SE Augsburg.

And the interest was great! We were able to register over 90 registrations for the three scheduled dates.

In an online presentation, the team from the Process Management & IT Governance department at MAN SE presented how a holistic approach for effective process management was implemented with Process Mining, viflow and the viflow add-ons.

At the beginning the question was dealt with why a company needs process management and what the process drivers are. In addition to customer requirements, competitive pressure, cost reduction, transparency, adherence to delivery dates, these are the securing of compliance and the issue of conformity to standards, which are required for selling products in various countries. The initial situation was mapped using a PDCA cycle.

Using the "Go to Gemba" method - go to the workplace and describe the situation - MAN Energy Solutions SE found in further analysis that there is no interaction between process execution and process management.

Therefore, in addition to viflow, viflow easy plan is used for practical implementation, including the regulations. It is used to create task templates, to track measures resulting from process risks and opportunities, and to check the topicality. Tips and hints are communicated via viflow easy plan as part of continuous improvement.

Quality assurance of the entire system, such as checking the modeling specifications or the use of the correct objects, is carried out using MAN SE's own tool BPM Q, which MAN SE has created on the basis of Microsoft Power BI. This tool analyses all objects created in viflow (processes, information, areas) as well as the tasks set in viflow easy plan. This guarantees a consistent model and long-term compliance with all specifications.

Finally, the method of Process Mining was presented using the example of the process "order to cash". This is a technique that objectively and automatically visualizes existing process data (here SAP). Thus, for a targeted process optimization, real processes can be visualized (focus was on throughput time and conformity) and the deviations from the process standards defined in viflow can be determined.

Overall, the team from the Process Management & IT Governance department at MAN SE conveyed in their presentation the interaction of suitable methods and tools for the holistic process management approach in a very impressive and consistent way.

We would like to thank the process managers of MAN Energy Solutions SE for their exciting and very informative insights.

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