Always up to date and without version number – the new viflow is here!

From now on, you will receive the current viflow exclusively as an annual subscription. The advantages for you are obvious: You receive a viflow that includes all future software versions and product updates. Product support is completely included in the subscribed viflow, a support package is no longer required. You are now also more flexible in terms of the number of licenses – additional licenses can simply be subscribed to, while those no longer required can be cancelled.

  • However, you have to do without a version number – from now on "viflow" always stands for the latest software version with all available functions!

If you are already using a viflow 8 with a subscription, you can switch easily and free of charge. You can retrieve your licenses here. An existing viflow version cannot be converted to or unlocked to the new version. Therefore, the viflow subscription version must be reinstalled on the system and then activated for the users.

If you do not want to or cannot use the subscription version, we still offer viflow version 8 for purchase. We have summarized the differences between the viflow subscription and the viflow 8 purchase version in this article in our knowledge base. Both versions cannot be combined with each other.


You are not yet using viflow with a subscription?

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