ViCon partner Eckhard Lechner supports the Knobel Bau-Gruppe

Eckhard Lechner, Top Produktiv
Eckhard Lechner

Since its foundation in 2003, our partner company Lechner & Kollegen GmbH has been supporting medium-sized companies in their corporate development and management. Special focus lies on the improvement of the commercial organization. In the context of process optimization and documentation Eckhard Lechner uses viflow in the companies.


Under the label Top-Produktiv, Eckhard Lechner is active across all industries in the DACH sector. He is specialized in companies that do not have their own organization department. His process- and result-oriented consulting approach enables companies to achieve quick success and improvements. The two most important components of this approach are moderated strategy workshops with managers and process workshops with the employees concerned. All this is supplemented by special self-management practical training with implementation guarantee in the workplace. The practical training courses are a productive mix of knowledge transfer and immediate practical application.

If the customer's requirements are more extensive in terms of time or content, experienced network partners are available who can also step in as interim managers if required. In the Knobel Bau Group project, a consultant from ViCon GmbH was used for special topics.


Eckhard Lechner has been supporting the Knobel Bau Group in Hartheim am Rhein near Freiburg im Breisgau since 2014

Knobel Bau-Gruppe

The Knobel Bau Group exists for over 70 years and with its more than 130 employees is one of the leading civil engineering and road construction companies in the border triangle. The complete raw material life cycle is mapped: From raw material extraction in its own quarry pond, through processing in the gravel pits and asphalt mixing plant, to use in construction operations. When dismantling buildings and roads using cold milling machines, the valuable secondary raw materials are returned to the cycle by the recycling plants, thus achieving almost 100% recycling. The portfolio is rounded off by the operation of one of the largest earth excavation backfilling plants in the district of Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald.

The Knobel Bau Group has transferred its long-standing QM system to viflow and extended it to form the "iKMS integrative KNOBEL Management System".

Michael B. Knobel, Geschäftsführer der Knobel Bau-Gruppe

Michael B. Knobel, Managing Director of the Knobel Bau Group, has the following to say about working with viflow:

"We have been certified according to ISO 9001 since 1999 and the previous QM and process documentation was completely in paper form. Through the recommendation of Eckhard Lechner we got to know viflow and decided to rebuild the documentation with viflow. In doing so, we not only wanted to reflect the requirements of ISO 9001, but also develop a tool that our employees could also use in their daily work. This resulted in our "iKMS integrative KNOBEL Management System", for which the viflow web model is the optimal platform.

Thanks to the practice-oriented process workshops with Eckhard Lechner, we have succeeded in intensively involving employees in the project, optimizing processes and massively increasing acceptance. With viflow we meet the requirements of ISO 9001 and create the "crash barriers" for our employees. A major advantage of the viflow database is the linking of the documents belonging to the processes. This ensures that employees can find the documents quickly and always work with the currently valid documents. We use Microsoft Office programs and in particular OneNote for the workplace-related detailed descriptions. Our people love the combination because they can quickly find their rough orientation via the process map in viflow and can map their individual requirements by linking to OneNote. New employees in particular are very enthusiastic about this combination, because it allows them to find their way around and familiarize themselves very quickly. As a supplement, we have also created a detailed guide for our iKMS. The next steps are the introduction of the process-related task management viflow easy plan and the migration to viflow 7."

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