viflow and viflow DMS at Mariaberg e.V.

With its broad and deep spectrum, Mariaberg is one of Germany's pioneering diaconal institutions, both professionally and socio-politically. Together with its subsidiaries, the association operates a competent health center, renowned specialist clinics and facilities for inpatient and outpatient assisted living. At Mariaberg, people are offered help and support regardless of the severity of their disability. As an educational institution, Mariaberg also supports a wide range of target groups in their (re)integration into working life through educational and integration measures as well as special training courses and vocational schools.

Since 2019, viflow has been used in the vocational training department (Mariaberger A&S gGmbH) and at Mariaberger Werkstätten.

Julia Schäfer, Quality Management Officer at Mariaberger Ausbildung & Service gGmbH

Julia Schäfer, Quality Management Officer at Mariaberger Ausbildung & Service gGmbH, uses viflow in her daily work to digitally map management, core and support processes.

"With the help of viflow, we have replaced analog process descriptions and created a user-friendly, graphically appealing interface.

Our employees can find explanations, detailed descriptions of action steps and classic flow charts in viflow. We also use viflow DMS to make all current documents and records available for download.

We are constantly striving to supplement, correct and expand the process model we created with viflow in order to provide our employees with even more information.

A few years ago, we opted for the viflow 6 program and switched to viflow 8 in mid-2022. We find viflow to be a clear and well-structured program. The new version is even more user-friendly and offers more design options. In particular, we see the link to the document management program viflow DMS as an enrichment.

This interaction ensures that only the currently valid or approved documents are available to our employees.

With viflow, graphically appealing, digital and modern process modeling is possible.

The processes are no longer described in a complex file, which usually "gathers dust" in a corner in everyday life, but the descriptions are integrated into a user-friendly web interface that people like to use."


We are happy if we can convince with our software and our service and wish Mariaberg continued success in their work with viflow.

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