viflow at HEINRICHS GmbH & Co. KG

HEINRICHS GmbH & Co KG, headquartered in Lennestadt in Südsauerland, is an owner-managed medium-sized company in the metalworking industry. Together with its subsidiary HISTEEL in Kaunas/Lithuania, the company has more than 360 employees and produces products in the fields of stamping and forming technology as well as aluminium die casting. Its customers include almost all major German car manufacturers and well-known system suppliers. The company is also one of Europe's largest manufacturers of special truck fittings.

viflow has been in use there since 2016.

Julia Rofeld, Quality Manager at HEINRICHS

Julia Rofeld, Quality Manager at HEINRICHS, has been with the company since 2002 and is entrusted with a wide range of administrative tasks in and around the area of quality management. She has been visualising processes, workflows and company structures with viflow since 2016.

"With the IATF re-certification in 2017 (first audited in 2016), the Heinrichs process model went online, replacing the previous IMS system, which was previously managed by a consulting company.

Since then, it has been available to all employees.

In 2018, our subsidiary HISTEEL also began to map all management systems via viflow.

In recent years, many processes have been repeatedly adapted due to internal company adjustments or external factors such as legal changes or new customer requirements.

In our process design, we take into account the PDCA and BVW guidelines as the basis for a structural and substantive presentation of all operational processes.

One of the last major projects in 2022, for example, was the fundamental revision of the information security process in order to bring us up to date with regard to data security requirements. Another forward-looking step was the successful completion of the assessment of a TISAX certificate. Similarly, the topics of SAQ, corporate policy and sustainability are anchored accordingly on the homepage of our process model.

For example, the sales process in general and the enquiry process are currently under review.

Since May, the topic of the "financial management" management process has been scrutinised and brought up to date due to the new introduction of a workflow for auditing.

As always, nothing is set in stone, everything moves and is in flux.

And that's what makes working with viflow interesting and exciting for me – being able to adapt quickly to new situations and processes. And, of course, working together with all areas of the company!

The graphical presentation of a process map (e.g. using swimlanes) makes a process visually appealing and memorable, and also easier for employees to understand.

I see a further advantage in the fact that documents are linked directly to the respective process step, so that long searches are no longer necessary."


We are pleased if we can convince with our software and our service and wish HEINRICHS GmbH & Co KG continued success in their work with viflow.


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