viflow at PROTEGO® Braunschweiger Flammenfilter GmbH

The globally active company Braunschweiger Flammenfilter with over 600 employees manufactures and sells flame arresters, valves and tank equipment for process plant engineering, the mineral oil, chemical and pharmaceutical industries and bioenergy production under the PROTEGO® brand.

viflow has been in use there since 2012.


Torsten Schmidt, CPO at PROTEGO
Torsten Schmidt, CPO at PROTEGO

Torsten Schmidt, CPO at PROTEGO, has set up a digital management system with viflow.

"PROTEGO® was due to change its ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 revisions. The management manual previously in use was available via MS Word.

After intensive examination of the display options in viflow and extensive consideration of further requirements for the changeover to the amended standard requirements, we came to the decision to combine the revision change of the standards with the development of the digital management system via viflow.

Looking back, we can now say that we made exactly the right decision.

The external audit to change the revisions within the standards was successfully completed and the external auditors were very satisfied with the structure and presentation of the new digital management system.

Good conceptual preparatory work is important for the structure and transfer of the manuals from Word to viflow. ViCon was always happy to provide us with help and advice in this regard.

The digital presentation of the management handbook is also very well received by employees. Thanks to the simple generation of a WebModel, the manual can be accessed via the standard web browser.

What has also become much more efficient is the maintenance of the management system. With Word, the paper pages had to be printed and exchanged in the departments when new features or changes were made. Today, additions or changes are made and a new WebModel is generated. The next time the WebModel is called up, information about the changes appears automatically.

With the introduction of viflow, PROTEGO® has taken the right step in the right direction."


We are pleased if we can convince with our software and our service and wish PROTEGO® continued success in their work with viflow.


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