Introducing: Björn Kaup is deputy head of development at ViCon

The entire ViCon team is highly motivated and committed to viflow and the concerns of those interested in viflow on a daily basis. In our series "We introduce you", we regularly tell you more about the people at ViCon.

Today we introduce you to our Deputy Head of Development Björn Kaup:

Björn has been part of our team since September 2014 – shortly after completing his Masters in Computer Science and Multimedia at the University of Augsburg. During his studies, he already worked as a student trainee in several companies in software development.

"As a software developer at ViCon, I am responsible for both the further development and the continuous improvement and maintenance of our software solution.

When planning the implementation of new functions, I coordinate with product management to clarify the challenges and opportunities associated with the new functions. Not every new feature request can always be implemented without further ado, so customer wishes, technical possibilities and our resources must first be reconciled. Once all questions have been clarified, the tasks required for implementation are planned.

When implementing the new functions, it is important that they are not only technically flawless, but also offer a good user experience. To achieve this, automated tests and, of course, my development colleagues support me in reviewing my solution. Implementing new features is particularly exciting for me. Here I can often use new methods or technologies within the framework of the requirements to create creative solutions.

If errors are reported to us in viflow, we must first analyze them in order to assess their impact. Often, reported errors are not directly comprehensible to us. In this case, our interface to support is crucial in order to fully understand the errors. My colleagues then provide further data, such as application logs, which I can use to identify the problem. We can then fix the error in one of the upcoming patches.

I also strive to constantly improve our development processes. We achieve this, for example, by introducing and using modern development tools or identifying recurring tasks so that we can automate them in the best possible way. This ultimately enables us to increase our efficiency and minimize error rates.

Through my contribution, I ensure that viflow not only meets current requirements, but also addresses future needs. Working with other departments allows me to gain insights into the user experience and thus create a user-friendly and reliable solution for our customers."


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