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Process Simulator

Use simulation to visualise, analyse and optimise business processes

Process Simulator® is the tool for optimising your business processes.

You can model a wide variety of ideas and strategies in order to optimise your value creation directly on your computer with zero risk.

Flow charts of your process sequences generated and visualised with viflow can be analysed and optimised very easily by simulating them with the Process Simulator® plug-in for Microsoft® Visio.

viflow – Process Simulator

As easy as a flow chart

Process Simulator® is based on the simulation engine used in the popular ProModel®, MedModel® and ServiceModel® simulation programs. Process Simulator® is designed as a plug-in for Microsoft® Visio Version 2003 or later.

It enables quick and easy on-screen flow chart generation with viflow and flow chart simulation with a simple mouse click.

Key features of Process Simulator®

  • Animation for verification and visualisation of your business processes
  • Simulation using VAO technology
  • Sound technological foundation with the proven ProModel® simulation engine
  • Based on leading and widely used Microsoft® Visio flow chart technology

Process Simulator® helps you:

  • Perform what-if analyses of your viflow graphics
  • Optimise staff deployment and shift scheduling
  • Find least-cost solutions
  • Identify and eliminate bottlenecks
  • Visualise and evaluate critical information
  • Estimate process costs (activity based costing/ABC)
  • Determine the stochastic effect of process duration

Fast and easy to use:

  • Extremely short learning curve
  • Uses Visio flow charts
  • Easy addition of relevant simulation parameters
  • Fast drag-and-drop modelling
  • Click-and-view scenario comparison
  • Online help and tips

Use Process Simulator® to model and simulate:

  • Order processing
  • Warehouse management and distribution
  • Production and assembly
  • Service processes
  • Accounting and administration
  • Research and development
  • Purchasing and procurement
  • and much more

You get informative reports and graphics on:

  • Resource utilisation
  • Throughput
  • Wait times and bottlenecks
  • Sequence and process costs
  • Lead times
  • Potential added value in the process chain
  • User-definable statistics

Process Simulator

is a Plug in for Microsoft® Visio

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