The viflow Support Package

This is your full-coverage support package for viflow.
Technical and extended support in an annual subscription - our carefree package guarantees you the best viflow service.

Best service with the viflow Support Package

Per year

for 150 €/Licence

  • For all viflow, viflow easy plan and viflow DMS licences registered to your customer number
  • Valid for 1 year from date of purchase and renews automatically without cancellation


Support Package customers have access to the following for the duration of the Support Package:

Free delivery (by download) of software updates (bug fixes and any new functionality) for the currently installed viflow version.

Technical support (e.g. for errors or functions that do not work as expected) by telephone or email during the support hours of ViCon.

Extended support (explanation of certain functions, answering application questions) by phone or e-mail during ViCon's support hours. This service does not replace training or consulting and should not exceed a processing time of 15 minutes per request.

Extended support by phone or e-mail during ViCon's support hours.


The viflow support package product can be purchased with the license purchase or four weeks later.

The support package is always calculated for all licenses of viflow, viflow easy plan and viflow DMS registered to the customer (to the customer number). The viflow support package cannot be purchased for a part of the licenses.

The viflow support package services are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase - rounded up to the end of the month of purchase.

The viflow support package product is an annual subscription and can be cancelled with a notice period of at least five working days before expiry. If the subscription is not cancelled in due time, the term will be extended by another year.

With the purchase of the viflow support package you will receive a license sheet, which shows the entitlement to the services of the viflow support package.

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