Modelling processes with viflow

Modelling processes

Regardless of whether you prefer to map your processes with Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN), as a flow chart or in swim lanes, with viflow, you can represent your processes exactly as you wish. You simply model using drag-and-drop and can use any sub-processes as well as generate process maps. viflow uses Microsoft® Visio and, together with a relational database, forms the basis for your intelligent and agile process management. You can adapt the layout to your corporate design very individually and simply with graphic and format templates.


Swimlane - the standard representation of viflow


Turtle representation of viflow


Modeling according to BPMN with viflow


Flowchart-Modellierung mit viflow
Detailing processes with viflow

Detailing process steps

viflow offers you many options for detailing processes, information and areas. In the process steps, you simply store comments, key figures, actions, documents and can maintain this information in different languages. The central data maintenance of viflow enables you to work efficiently and ensures an agile management system without inactive members – changes are adopted in the entire process model. Whether classic tree structure, organisation chart or folder view – you bring your own order into the process model with the structuring options of viflow. Numerous import and export functions also offer flexible handling of your data.

Interactive management system with viflow

Providing management system

To provide your employees and colleagues a process model created with viflow, generate an HTML-based WebModel viewed in the standard browser. Here, too, you have much flexibility with regard to the layout – choose from eight different design variants or adapt the layout to your specifications very particularly. A WebModel can be created in multiple languages, evaluations and reports can be stored and opened directly. The navigation and the display of the properties can be configured in many ways, the content can be personalised and there is the option of displaying only approved processes. This ensures acceptance in the company and thus the success of your management system.

evaluating viflow process model

Reporting: Creating reports

The diverse reporting and output options give you either a quick overview or very deep, detailed insights into your process model. For example, viflow provides you with various outputs for processes, information, areas and users as well as for history and shape use. The configurable reports are output directly in viflow, in the browser or in Microsoft Excel. You can open the most important reports directly from the WebModel.

Collaboration with viflow

Collaboration: from process representation to process management

viflow establishes teamwork in your company: with viflow Team Modelling, several users can work on a process model at the same time. An approval workflow supports you and your team in the further development of the processes. The created process model is the process knowledge base for all employees of your company, as a web model without reading licenses, which can be easily viewed in the browser.
viflow with the most up-to-date add-ons (viflow easy plan for process-related task management, viflow DMS for controlling your documents and information and viflow tracker for analysing the use of the web model) becomes the real all-rounder for successful process management.

Planning tasks

Use viflow easy plan to manage your process-related tasks.

With this solution, you store your tasks directly in the business process. The integrated fully automatic workflow with notification and reminder function provides you with an overview of all tasks.

Controlling documents

viflow DMS is the easy way to link process management with document management.

It enables you to manage relevant documents and data in the framework of your company organisation and in connection with your process management.

Analyse the effectiveness of the management system

With viflow tracker, you analyse the usage data of your process model.

This solution shows you where the main areas of interest are in your process model (WebModel) and thus offers you the basis for optimising the usability and use of your management system.

Tailored: three viflow editions (blue, silver and gold)

  • Easy drag-and-drop modelling
  • Options for setting up and expanding interactive management systems
  • Central data maintenance
  • Any sub-processes and process maps
  • WebModel creation
  • Multilingual program interface
  • Organizational chart functions
  • all features of viflow blue
  • collaborative working with viflow Team Modelling
  • freely selectable languages for the process model contents (Unicode)
  • Support for process review and release
  • Process description with graphics
  • Extensive import and export functions
  • all features of viflow silver
  • Comprehensive reporting with configurable reports and analyses
  • Functions for individual adaptation of the program interface, shapes and graphics
  • Provision of various reports in the WebModel
  • Selection of different layouts for the WebModel
  • Easy handling of translations with Excel spreadsheets

System requirements

Operating systems*

at least Windows® 8 (32/64 Bit) or
at least Windows® Server 2012 (32/64 Bit)

All listed server operating systems can also be used as a terminal server

*No warranty after the end of the mainstream support by Microsoft.


Processor: min. 1 GHz (2 GHz or better recommended)
Working memory: min. 2 GB RAM (4 GB or more recommended)
Hard disk capacity:
(SSD recommended)
for viflow 3 GB free;
(if not already installed): 1.5 GB free
Monitor resolution: min. 1200 x 800



at least Microsoft® Visio (32/64 Bit) Version 2013 SP1
at least Microsoft® Excel (32/64 Bit) Version 2013 SP1
Microsoft® .NET-Framework 4.6.0

For viflow Team Modelling

at least Microsoft® SQL Server min. 2008 R2 or Microsoft® SQL Server Express min. 2008 R2

For WebModel and reporting

A web server is required to display the WebModel.

Chrome from Version 18
Firefox from Version 4
Opera from Version 11.5
Safari from Version 5.6
Internet Explorer from Version 11 (Display of the WebModel also possible without web server)

For activation

An Internet connection is required for activation.

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