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Integrated KPI and cockpit system


viflow users are actively involved in the optimisation and redesign of processes to boost the efficiency of companies or organisations.

Professional process monitoring can be achieved by integrating viflow as a process modelling system with sx.analytics as a KPI and cockpit system.

viflow – scoreboard

Process modelling is followed by process monitoring

This clear process arrangement makes statistical parameters dynamic, enabling easy trend identification. That avoids costly development dead-ends and facilitates rethinking of processes.

sx.analytics takes this a step further:

its integrated action item management and date monitoring functions round out the process optimisation picture. In addition, as an omnipresent application system sx.analytics administers direct entry into the process owner's process map.

The advantages

  • Executable reporting system with assured functional capability regardless of Excel version level
  • Eliminates year-end adjustments and recreation of Excel worksheets
  • Reliable decision aids thanks to protected, error-free KPI calculation forms
  • Integrated and consistent data (once the data is generated, the same data is used in all evaluations, including retroactive revisions)
  • Significantly greater clarity thanks to dynamic aggregation of visualised data
  • Prompt trend detection and consistent trend monitoring
  • Notes in diagrams for later assessment and documentation of special developments
  • Drastic reduction in maintenance effort for statistics
  • Compliance with management system stipulations of VDA, IRIS, ISO, TS, etc.
  • Administration of individual evaluations from different areas (HR, Finance, Operations, etc.) with a uniform user interface
  • Capturing, monitoring and performance review of action items
  • Setting up a corporate knowledge database
  • Specifying meaningful KPIs


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