Interactive process documentation with viflow –
flexible and can be used in a wide range of sectors

Successful companies rely on extensive software solutions to meet their everyday business requirements. Our customers use viflow for a wide variety of tasks. viflow can be deployed in virtually every sector.

Process modelling

Your company's processes can be visualised very intuitively and quickly with viflow. By documenting company processes, you can visualise the knowledge of your organisation and thus get the ideal basis for continuous improvement.


Integrated or individual management systems

With viflow, you can manage individual management systems such as building a QM system and also combine and edit all of your company's management systems in a single system. This ensures consistent process structures and reduces maintenance effort.


The easy path to certification

By certifying your management system according to certain standards or regulations, you not only meet the requirements of certain business relationships, but also gain a clear competitive advantage. You wow and convince the auditor with viflow.

So versatile: QM systems, risk management, knowledge management and more

Occupational health and safety

viflow combines in-house occupational health and safety information with the actual work processes in the company, so that all target groups are integrated via process-oriented information.

Business process management

With viflow you can create the right environment for effective business process management in your company. Visualisation of business processes is an important prerequisite for analysing and optimising internal processes.

Compliance management

Legal violations can be effectively counteracted with compliance management, which is ideally integrated into existing QM systems. The full spectrum of compliance management can be covered with viflow and viflow easy plan.


Energy management

viflow helps you set up an energy management system compliant with ISO 50001. In this way, you can easily and professionally combine your company processes with the necessary considerations as part of your organisation's energy efficiency improvement.

Information management

Use viflow to keep your information system on it toes, by identifying your information needs and modelling your available information. With viflow you can provide the necessary information and organise your information supply.     

IT process management

With viflow, you can quickly, easily and clearly document an IT system landscape, including its software packages and modules. These can be allocated to the company processes.

Human resources management

Optimise your existing HR processes or create new ones from scratch: With viflow you can convert business goals into customer benefits.

Project management

With viflow, you can link project management to process management. This is an essential basis for optimising your core processes and carrying out successful projects.

Quality management system

You can build and publish a computerised QM system quickly and easily with viflow. You have control over the currentness of your QM documentation at all times, and your employees can reliably find all relevant information and documents.

Quality assurance (CAQ)

Presentation and description of quality-related process steps with viflow forms the basis for planning and carrying out quality assurance.


Risk management

Risk management helps you identify critical business situations and take preventive action. By using viflow, you can link your process management to risk management to form an integrated management system.

Knowledge management

Knowledge and processes are closely meshed now and are an important success factor. You make the knowledge of your company visible and usable with viflow.

Workflow management

With viflow, you can prepare process modelling for convenient import into a workflow management system.