Process-based task management. Simply easy.

Simple management of process-related tasks with viflow easy plan

The setup and maintenance of a management system is a company project in which regular tasks arise for various participants and need to be managed. Connecting a central task management system to process document not only makes sense, it also provides transparency and acceptance.

With viflow easy plan, you set up tasks directly in the business process, simply and transparently. The fully automated, integrated workflow with notification and reminder functions means that nothing gets lost and you always have a good overview of all of your tasks.

Process-based task management. Simply easy.

Intelligent visibility rules in viflow easy plan automatically take care of clear task presentation – you see only what actually matters to you and your team. This means that confidentiality of saved information is automatically secured, and nothing stands in the way of company-wide use.

viflow easy plan is a web application. This means that every user can create and process tasks in the viflow WebModel.

With concurrent licensing of viflow easy plan, you can create an unlimited number of users. You need only as many licenses as there are concurrent users working in viflow easy plan. They are available in simple 3-packs.

viflow easy plan – Administration of tasks directly in viflow

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viflow easy plan


  • Administration of tasks for processes, information objects and areas
  • Tasks are displayed directly in the properties window of viflow and in the viflow WebModel
  • Task list with extensive filter functions
  • Differentiates between task owner and task processor
  • Complete workflow with acceptance, rejection, delegation and deferral, including email notification
  • Configurable reminder functions
  • Intelligent visibility – everyone sees only what is relevant to them
  • Create an unlimited number of templates
  • Attach text files, photos, etc.

viflow easy plan

Additional benefits of viflow easy plan (Professional):

  • Create non-process-related tasks (e.g. audits, risk management)
  • Display structure with an unlimited number of task nodes
  • Interval tasks
  • Additional user-defined fields, including user catalogs
  • Individual assignment of user permissions
  • Recording and display of all activities in the task history (auditable)
  • Multiple changes to tasks; copy, cut and paste in the task structure
  • Effectiveness test
  • Team tasks
  • Task analysis

Systemvoraussetzungen for viflow easy plan


  • Windows Server 2012 or higher
  • 4 GB Working memory
  • 30 GB Hard disk capacity
  • min. Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express


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