Process management in the automotive trade

viflow Model Automotive Retail Master

The viflow Model Automotive Retail Master (AuRM) is a product of ViCon's partner PGC Automotive. It supports process management in the automotive trade by documenting processes and procedures so clearly and understandably that process errors will be virtually eliminated in future.

viflow Model Automotive Retail Master – Clarify work processes in your automotive dealership

Properly functioning processes that optimally fulfil customer requirements are the basis for top performance in the automotive trade.

Along with company-specific requirements from the corporate strategy, derived goals and statutory requirements, numerous additional requirements play a significant role in automotive dealerships. The core processes of the manufacturer, CRM processes, quality management aspects (such as ISO 9001), environmental management and occupational safety, and many other external demands have a strong influence on processes in the dealership.

This enormous complexity in the automotive trade often leads to errors in work processes, which have a negative impact on customer satisfaction and in most cases on earnings.

The viflow Model Automotive Retail Master helps you document your processes and procedures so clearly and understandably that process errors are virtually eliminated in future.

Now you can give your employees clear and understandable procedure instructions in the form of documented processes.

Automotive Retail Master

  • Is a practically oriented tool for quick and reliable analysis, improvement and management of requirements
  • Provides you with extensive, practically oriented and pre-structured reference processes with detailed descriptions in a database containing all necessary links
  • Is based on the viflow graphical process modelling tool, which essentially enables you to model all processes in your enterprise flexibly and in detail

Based on this, you can easily and quickly generate your company-specific specification documentation and detail and publish your relevant processes in the necessary scope.

With AuRM you can boost the efficiency and effectiveness of your dealership


A license from viflow is required for editing the reference model. The WebModel generated with the viflow Model AuRM can be viewed in common browsers on any number of workstations without reading licenses.


viflow Model Automotive Retail Master

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