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viflow Model Human Resource Master

The viflow Model Human Resource Master helps you convert company goals or requirements from HR processes into results and customer benefits. You can optimise your existing HR processes or create new ones from scratch.

A unique feature of the viflow Model HRM is the networked modelling of all processes in a single process model, so that you can see all effects and relationships in the overall model when optimising your HR activities and corresponding processes.

viflow Model HRM – The tool for optimising your human resources

  • Improve the positioning of the HR department
  • Strengthen operational excellence
  • Create acceptance of HR business partners

Everyday HR activities are characterised by tasks and requirements with extremely high diversity.

Along with company-specific requirements from the corporate strategy and goals, in recent years HR has been confronted with a flood of statutory requirements related to compliance management (such as SOX 404), rating procedures (such as Basel III), and/or management systems (such as ISO 9001), which form a constant challenge to HR processes.

In some cases so much effort is necessary to fulfil these diverse requirements that there is a risk that the HR department spends all its time updating and/or optimising its HR processes instead of supporting its customers.


Human Resource Master (HRM)

  • Is a practically oriented tool for quick and reliable analysis, improvement and management of requirements
  • Provides you with extensive, practically oriented and pre-structured reference processes with detailed descriptions in a database containing all necessary links
  • Is based on the viflow process modelling tool, which essentially enables you to model all processes in your enterprise flexibly and in detail

Based on this, you can easily and quickly generate your company-specific HR process model and detail your relevant processes in the necessary scope.

Human Resource Master (HRM) helps you boost the efficiency and effectiveness or your HR, which means:

  • Aligning the HR business model to the specific needs of your customers
  • Optimising the HR product portfolio
  • Obtaining documented, standardised HR processes aligned to business requirements and/or needs, which serve as the starting point for improvements
  • Clearly visualising HR services (SLA management)
  • Using economy of scale effects to minimise HR costs
  • Using economy of skill effects to bundle vital HR competences that minimise risks
  • Achieving the best possible results in terms of value added contribution
  • Boosting customer satisfaction


A license from viflow is required for editing the reference model. The WebModel generated with the viflow Model HRM can be viewed in common browsers on any number of workstations without reading licenses.


viflow Model Human Resource Master

To use this viflow Model, viflow must be installed.

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