Process management in the housing and real estate industry

viflow Model Immo Master

viflow Model Immo Master is a product of InnoWiTa GmbH. With Immo Master, companies in the real estate industry can quickly implement a comprehensive process model.

viflow Model Immo Master – Optimised business processes for companies in the real estate industry

Process organisation optimisation plays an increasingly important role in companies in the housing and real estate industry. It is not just about optimising processes by creating transparency of internal processes for employees, but also about fulfilling audit requirements.

In addition to quality assurance, the visualisation and scrutiny of the processes also bring advantages in terms of efficiency.

viflow Immo Master model was created for the process management of

  • building cooperatives
  • real estate companies
  • apartment management
  • real estate project developers

Immo Master, as a reference model, is a practice-oriented tool with which business processes can be analysed, improved and managed quickly and safely.

Immo Master is based on the process modelling tool viflow and offers extensive, pre-structured reference processes with detailed descriptions in a database that contains all the necessary links.

Advantages of Immo Master

  • processes are created by practitioners from the housing and real estate industries
  • quick and easy adaptation of the processes for your company
  • the process model contains, for example, essential control points that could be relevant in the context of an annual audit
  • option of document connection and management
  • maintenance of organisation charts

Immo Master contains approx. 60 processes and the process model.


A license from viflow is required to edit the reference model. The WebModel created with Immo Master can be viewed in standard browsers on any number of workstations without reading licenses.

viflow Model Immo Master

You must have viflow installed to use this viflow model.

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