Holistic IT service management with the viflow Model ITIL® 4

The viflow model ITIL® 4 was developed by Visorian GmbH, a consulting company located in Hamburg with a focus on sustainable and systemic IT solutions as well as holistic project and process management.

ITIL® 4 supports agile procedures and dynamic changes more than ever and incorporates company guidelines and regulations, strategies and customer requirements in a completely new and comprehensive way. While the focus under v3 was still on specified processes that had to be adapted to one's own requirements, ITIL 4 offers a holistic approach for "operational excellence", i.e. the optimal alignment to business goals and their dynamic change.

However, the introduction or adaptation of IT processes poses an even greater challenge. Where to start? How to ensure that all relevant factors are taken into account in order to avoid obstacles and problems during implementation and adaptation?


The process model as the starting point for the introduction or optimization of your IT services

Visorian's process model bridges the gap between the theory of ITIL® 4 and the practical implementation and not only contains adaptable and ITIL® 4-oriented processes for fast implementation, but also explains the ITIL® 4 philosophy in a simple and understandable way. It is therefore not only suitable for the design and optimization of your processes, but also forms the platform for a uniform understanding of terms and processes with all the advantages of the viflow application and the web model.

Advantages and components of the ITIL® 4 process model:

  • Detailed information on all 34 ITIL® 4 Practices and the processes and activities contained therein, including explanations of tasks and participants at the activity level
  • More than 125 diagrams and graphics for all practices (34) and the processes contained therein (85) as well as explanatory graphics for the ITIL® 4 framework
  • ITIL information and ITIL roles stored as viflow objects
  • More than 200 term definitions
  • Overviews / reports on practice-relevant content for each practice and process at the push of a button (e.g. flow charts, KPIs, activity descriptions, participants)
  • Free updates for 365 days!
viflow Model ITIL® v4

The sample process model contains only a part of the processes that are included in the product.


Our introductory offer until May 31, 2021

Until 31.05.2021 you will receive the process model and a two-hour introductory workshop (remote, date by arrangement), conducted by Visorian GmbH, at a special price:

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