The easiest way to optimise your process model

viflow-tracker – the easiest way to optimise your process model

This solution gives management system owners an overview of the performance of viflow process models by means of dashboards, reports and key figures. How is your management system being used? Is the structure understandable? Is the assessment based on gut feeling? With viflow tracker you have an analysis tool that gives you an integrated view of the usage, acceptance and performance of your WebModel.

The viflow tracker add-on provides an overview of the current usage of viflow WebModels. The dashboards in the analysis presentation can be adapted easily and quickly, for example as bar charts, pie charts or keyword clouds. Custom dashboards enable freely defined composition of all available key figures and analysis criteria, and they can be created durably in the system with their own names. Analysis periods are freely selectable to enable visualisation of usage trends.

One or more WebModels can be linked to viflow tracker in just a few steps. The software is intuitive, and the user interface is available in both German and English.

viflow tracker – Information instead of intuition

viflow tracker – Information instead of intuition

Visualisation of usage analysis in viflow tracker provides a reliable basis for optimisation and further development of the viflow process model according to the perspectives of process management. You are always aware of:

  • The number of views of individual processes in the WebModel
  • The usage intensity (increase/decrease)
  • The perception of newly published processes
  • The WebModel usage at various company locations
  • The actual user share in the organisation
  • The performance of the WebModel(s) based on measured load times
  • The frequency of use and subject focuses based on anonymous visitor profiles

With viflow tracker you know the current focuses of interest in your process model. From this information, you can optimise the usability and benefits of your management system and specifically direct user attention to new or unfamiliar content. In this way you can boost user satisfaction and the success of your work.

Analysis and reporting on usage of your process model

viflow tracker functions

Analysis per process graphic

Number of visits with bounce rate, time spent and load time per process graphic

Visitors overview

Total overview of WebModel usage by number of visits, time spent, actions, page views and performance

Real-time visitor counter

Number of visitors currently accessing the WebModel

Visitors map

Visual depiction of regional usage

Evaluation of usage times

Visits by weekday and time of day

Visitor analysis

Surfing behaviour (entry and exit times), browser used, operating systems and device types

All data is acquired anonymously – viflow tracker respects the privacy of WebModel users and is GDPR compliant.

System requirements for viflow tracker

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 with Service Pack 1 or later
  • Hard disk capacity (SSD recommended): at least 1 GB; 2 GB recommended
  • Working memory (RAM): at least 4 GB; 8 GB recommended

With viflow tracker, only WebModels created with viflow version 6 or higher can be analyzed.

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